Monday, January 7, 2013


So one of my priorities for the year is to be more organized. And to that end I started re-organizing my workshop. Why is it that it seems like re-organization makes more of a mess than the mess that you started with? Well, here is the middle of my organization process...

I am just waiting for doors and a counter top for the cabinets. Blair happened to have had a bunch of cabinets that were going in the garbage... there isn't anything wrong with them, it just happens that they are custom sizes and they were made to the incorrect size so they can't be sold. Seemed odd to me that you would just get rid of them, but that's how his business works so I get lucky I suppose. 
Anyway, hopefully counter and doors will be ready this week.

Now this area I have actually managed to clean up. And if you had seen my desk before now, you would definitely be impressed.


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