Monday, August 5, 2013

Tip of the Week

Hey there Bloggers! I have a tip of the week for you....

Blank card?

Take about 5-10 minutes and cut up some inserts for your cards in both Vanilla and White. 
Then go to your computer and find your favorite website with quotes (or in my case your favorite book). Find a quote that you like for Birthdays. 
Then go into your Word program and open a new blank page. Go to page set up and create a custom paper size that is approximately 4 x 5 1/4" that will fit the inside of the card. Save that size as 'Card Insert'. Now type out your quote and choose a font that fits it. Once you are done, Print the quote onto your cut up inserts. Print 2-3 on white and 2-3 on Vanilla. Then go back to your word document and change the orientation to landscape. Center it properly and print again as above. 
Now you have 12 inserts that will fit into either direction of card and you can choose Vanilla or White. Separate each orientation and clip both the white and vanilla together for that direction, this will make them easier to grab later.

Now what do you do with them you ask? 
I found a small file folder wallet at Walmart for a few dollars. 

Label each section accordingly ie: Birthday humorous, Birthday fancy, Thank you, Etc. 

Then put your paper clipped quotes into the appropriate section and voila... when you need an insert for your card you just choose the one you want and glue it in.