Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Positive Things

Hi Bloggers! I have been involved in a recent situation that really has me thinking about society and how people react to things. 
So here's the background... Our family and some others made a recent decision to leave an organization that we had been a part of. This was not an easy decision but the circumstances really didn't leave us a lot of choice, especially if we wanted to feel good about ourselves. So we left and actually formed a new organization. We have just started and it has been a wonderfully positive experience for us all. We have enjoyed new friendships with other families that we knew a little or didn't really know, but we now feel like a big "family". And we have decided that this new beginning will be the start of something positive. This past week we have been notified of a complaint from the previous organization that we couldn't operate in the same town. We were forced to take down our facebook page and put a stop to an article that we had been writing for the local newspaper. I have also become aware of some personal rumors being started about one of our "family".
Now eventually this will be solved and we will move on. We are very confident about this. But I'm just digusted that we haven't even mentioned this previous organization and yet we are being attacked. And let me mention that there are children involved who are also being affected. And I just started to wonder about people who are so insecure that they need to tear others down in order to build themselves up (a weird coincidence that an article about them appeared in the paper and a new facebook page was created at the same time that ours was required to be taken down). I am teaching my children that in the end things will work out for us and we will forget about them and move on in the positive manner that was our intention to begin with. I hope that my situation can encourage others to live their own lives and build themselves up by positive energy and living a good life instead of creating discord. 

Okay enough of me! Today's card is a small sneak peek at a card that I will be making with my Stamper's Club in October. I'm not going to show you the full card today but I will be unveiling it after my club. What a teaser! LOL

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