Monday, October 1, 2012

A New Week

Hi Bloggers! Well, a new week is starting and it looks like it's going to be another busy one. 
I started watching the Jeff Probst talk show a couple of weeks ago and there are some shows that have really got me thinking. A show last week featured a gentleman who didn't want to ask questions that he had regarding African Americans because he felt that they would be offended. Do you wonder about things but are afraid to ask? And what is the stigma about asking something that you don't know about... how else are you supposed to learn and become informed? I think that as long as you aren't trying to be offensive, I don't see why we don't make inquiries. Maybe this week I will step out of my comfort zone and ask something that I've always wanted to know. 

So, on to the cards!!!! I am still not quite up to making too many projects so I want to share some projects that I found on the internet using the Everything Eleanor stamp set. 

My first share is from Sandi and I just love what she has done with this card.

Everything Eleanor Stamp set by Stampin Up, card by Sandi MacIver

And the second card is from Lynda


I love this stamp set and I hope that you will check out some more samples and fall in love too!

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