Retired Items for Sale

Retired Items for Sale at reduced prices

Party With Cake Stamp Set  Party With Cake Stamp Set - Never used - $10.00

Picture Perfect Stamp Set  Picture Perfect Stamp Set - $10.00

Vintage Bogue Stamp Set  Vintage Vogue Stamp Set (Wood Mount) - Never Used - $10.00

Age Awareness Stamp Set  Age Awareness Stamp Set - $10.00

Make A Wish Stamp Set  Make a Wish Stamp Set - Never Used - $10.00

See Ya Later Stamp Set  See Ya Later Stamp Set (Wood Mount)- Never used - $10.00

Oh Hello Stamp Set  Oh Hello Stamp Set - $10.00

Visions Of Santa Stamp Set  Visions of Santa Stamp Set - $10.00

Classic Sketches stamp set  Classic Sketches Stamp Set - Never Used - $10.00

Peachy Keen Stamp Set  Peachy Keen Stamp Set - $10.00

One Tag Fits All  One Tag Fits All Stamp Set - Never Used - $10.00

Freaky Friends Stamp Set  Freaky Friends Stamp Set - Never Used - $10.00

You Plus Me Stamp Set  You Plus Me Stamp Set - $10.00

Geometrical Stamp Set  Geometrical Stamp Set - $10.00

Grunge Rock Stamp Set  Grunge Rock Stamp Set - $10.00

So Cool Stamp Set  So Cool Stamp Set - $10.00

Frames with a Flourish Stamp Set  Frames With A Flourish Stamp Set - $10.00

Riveting Stamp Set  Riveting Stamp Set - $5.00

Vintage Labels Stamp Set  Vintage Labels Stamp Set - $5.00

Vintage Vogue Stamp Set  Vintage Vogue Stamp Set - $5.00

Cute Cues Stamp Set  Cute Cues Stamp Set - $5.00

Shipping only in Canada

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